FGO (Fate Grand Order) unites the Fate series universe into one and grants users more than 300+ servants to choose from. While getting started may seem daunting at first, with my guide, you’ll know where to start and which servants are suitable for your needs.

Key Highlights
  • FGO (Fate Grand Order) brings the servants from different worlds into a single platform.
  • Clearing Singularities, choosing the best Servants, and spending resources are essential when starting.
  • These are the fundamental basics to get started on FGO.

Singularities & Combat System

FGO Singularities (Image By Gamescordia)
FGO Singularities (Image By Gamescordia)

As you start the game, you’ll be introduced to singularities which are chapters in simple terms. These singularities are disruptions to the past events that have occurred in the series. Therefore, it’s up to you to fix the altered past as the chosen Master. The very first singularity as you touch the title screen is Fuyuki. There are a total of 11 sections you’ll need to clear to get the rewards.

FGO Fuyuki Singularity (Image By Gamescordia)
Fuyuki Singularity (Image By Gamescordia)

As you enter your first battle, you’ll notice that there are three types of Command Cards, Buster, Quick, and Arts. Buster cards increase your damage output, Arts cards increase your NP (Noble Phantasm) gain, and Quick cards increase your critical star gain. Also, if you use three cards of the same type, you’ll gain a bonus effect known as Buster, Quick, or Arts chain based on the combination of cards you used.

FGO Buster Chain (Image By Gamescordia)
Buster Chain (Image By Gamescordia)

Similarly, if you used the same servant for all three Command Cards, you’ll get an extra attack. Moreover, once your NP gain is fully charged at 100%, then you can unleash your Noble Phantasm. In case you have more than 1 Noble Phantasm ready, you can perform an NP chain to overcharge NP levels.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on the basics, the next thing you need is to use a support Servant. Believe me when I tell you that this is one of the most crucial parts of clearing your sections at a faster pace. Every servant’s Noble Phantasm is unique so make sure to check out their abilities when picking the best one suitable for you. Based on my experience, when starting, I recommend you choose a high-level (at least level 80) AOE (Area Of Effect) servant to quickly clear the next sections in FGO.

Summoning Banners

In every Gacha game, summoning banners can either bring joy or despair to a player. Such is the case with FGO and its banners. There are mainly three types of banners, Friend Point Summon Banner, Standard Summoning Banner, and Limited Banners which come and go normally every two weeks or so. For these banners, you need to make sure that you spend your resources wisely i.e. the Saint Quartz (SQ).

Friend Point Summon Banner

Friend Point Summon Banner (Image By Gamescordia)
Friend Point Summon Banner (Image By Gamescordia)

The easiest summons you can get is from Friend Points. While it offers nothing overpowered of sorts, this banner comes in handy when you need to upgrade your Craft Essence and Servants. Later in the guide, I’ll show you how enhancing works so no need to worry about that.

Saint Quartz Summon Banner

Saint Quartz Summon Banner (Image By Gamescordia)
Saint Quartz Summon Banner (Image By Gamescordia)

The Saint Quartz Summon Banner will be available as long as the game’s actively kicking and offers decent servants to choose from. Depending on your luck, you might be able to get 5* servants but I would recommend you keep your SQ saved for limited banners. However, if you have lots of SQ to spare, then go ahead. After all, the least worst thing that might happen is getting shafted, right?

Limited Banners

Limited Banners (Image By Gamescordia)
Limited Banners (Image By Gamescordia)

The Limited Banners are where all your SQ should be spent. Depending on the event, you’ll get hands on some of the most broken servants in the game like Castoria. For these banners, I recommend saving at least 300 SQ as well as plenty of tickets to increase your chances of getting the servant you desire. However, there are also chances of you getting shafted despite saving up a lot. At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of luck of the draw.


As you progress further in the story, you’ll need to get stronger to face the challenges ahead. So, enhancing your servants and Craft Essence is essential to get the best results possible. For now, the sections you’ll need to focus on are Servant, Skill, and Craft Essence.

Servant Enhancement

Servant Enhancement (Image By Gamescordia)
Servant Enhancement (Image By Gamescordia)

In the Servant section, you’ll need Enhancement Materials like Blaze of Wisdom, Fire of Wisdom, Hellfire of Wisdom, etc. These materials can be obtained by login bonuses, quest clears, and Friend Point summons. Additionally, you can use Hero Crystals to increase your Servant’s Attack and HP points by 2000. Although, you’ll need 4* and 5* Hero Crystals to go beyond 1000 HP and Attack points.

Moreover, you can even use extra copies of your Servants in case you feel like they’re of no use to enhance them. This also helps in clearing additional slots which may become a hassle as you continue pulling in different banners.

Skill Enhancement

Skill Enhancement (Image By Gamescordia)
Skill Enhancement (Image By Gamescordia)

Now, Skill Enhancement is where you’ll need to focus on upgrading the skills of the Servants you feel can produce the best results when clearing a quest. For new players, I recommend focusing on obtaining each skill till level 5 at least because obtaining Ascension Materials can take time so it’s best to use them wisely.

Craft Essence Enhancement

Craft Essence Enhancement (Image By Gamescordia)
Craft Essence Enhancement (Image By Gamescordia)

Finally, Craft Essence enhancements are essential in upgrading the skills of your Servants. Therefore, you need to choose wisely which Craft Essence suits your Servant best. Normally, I’d pick the 4* and 5* Craft Essence when it comes to skills and Attack + HP usage. That’s because most of the Essence below 4* isn’t all that useful and can be instead used to enhance the Craft Essence itself.

Another important thing you need to remember is that each Craft Essence won’t exceed level 20 unless you have an extra copy to limit break. Having an additional copy will increase 20 more levels for enhancements. However. keep in mind that as you keep enhancing these skills, the cost and resources will increase tremendously as well so be sure to spend them wisely.


These are the beginner steps I’ve compiled for anyone new to FGO. As you progress further, you can break your limits with different enhancement materials and the level of your Servants as well. There are more guides where that came from so be sure to check out my other guides if this was helpful.


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