Gamescordia stands as a gaming blog website dedicated to all things gaming. Our guides are meticulously crafted by a creative team of video game enthusiasts and contributors hailing from around the world. The uniqueness of our content is a source of pride for us, reflecting the creative minds that constitute our writing team.

Beyond video game guides, Gamescordia delves into a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from leaks and crucial news to reviews and interviews. We believe in inclusivity, embracing all gaming platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and more. Every gamer, regardless of their preferred medium, possesses a voice that deserves acknowledgment.

Our team comprises passionate individuals, all avid gamers, who share their love for the medium through the content they produce. For those seeking a space to discuss video games and express their passion, we extend a warm welcome to the Gamescordia family.

Editorial Process

Our commitment to originality is unwavering. Copywriting and plagiarism are strictly disapproved of, and every piece published on our site undergoes a rigorous editorial process. This includes rules against plagiarism, meticulous fact-checking, and upholding high standards for content accessibility to readers.

Rules Regarding Plagiarism

Gamescordia employs cutting-edge software to detect any signs of plagiarism or similarity with other online articles. Maintaining your trust is paramount to us, and our content is guaranteed to be original, with a stringent 1% similarity index for each guide published. Rewriting is considered a significant offense, and any writer found engaging in such practices faces serious consequences in line with our zero-tolerance policy.

How We Conduct Research

Our writers, being avid gamers themselves, draw inspiration and information from firsthand experiences. Articles are thoroughly vetted by editors to ensure accuracy in both information and writing style. For our news team, diligent monitoring of social media platforms ensures timely reporting of gaming industry developments, subject to rigorous fact-checking before publication.

Up-To-Date Content

We pride ourselves on keeping content fresh and current, ensuring factual accuracy throughout the time it resides on our website. Articles receive a “written on” date, and any updates are prominently indicated at the top of the site. Whether prompted by new information or changes in the gaming landscape, we are swift to provide instant updates, also considering valuable feedback from our readers.

Accessibility to General Audiences

Our commitment to accessibility is reflected in concise and easily digestible language in our articles. Native-level language facilitates straightforward understanding, and the use of visual aids, such as images, enhances engagement. A table of contents is included in each article for quick navigation, recognizing the value of readers’ time.

Fact-Checking Policy

Fact-checking is paramount in our commitment to delivering reliable content. Editors meticulously vet articles for accuracy, providing users with links to relevant resources for further verification. Our thorough cross-checking system ensures the originality and accuracy of all information, upholding our anti-plagiarism stance.

Trust in Us

We understand the skepticism of trusting information online. However, our commitment to delivering reliable advice and content is unwavering. We emphasize originality to maintain trust, acknowledging that trust once broken is challenging to restore.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We encourage a culture of collaboration among our writers, recognizing that seeking assistance fosters a healthy working environment. Collaboration ensures diverse perspectives and enhances communication, contributing to the overall success of Gamescordia.

Rewrites, Revisions, and Proofreading

Acknowledging the fallibility of our writers, our policy mandates thorough revisions and proofreading by editors. This process ensures articles are free from plagiarism, and factual inaccuracies, and maintains a consistent tone. Copyediting is the final step before publication.

Our Team

Gamescordia boasts a talented team of contributors, diligently working to produce top-notch content. From guides and walkthroughs to news and interviews, our diverse teams collaborate seamlessly, with editors ensuring content meets the highest standards before reaching our readers.


Our vision extends beyond gaming—envisioning a future where everyone has time to enjoy the games they love, fostering unity within the gaming community. Gamescordia invites you to share in this vision, emphasizing a world without console wars and a supportive gaming community.

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