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Sameer Majid

I’m a Senior Civil Engineering student at NUST who’s not just about textbooks. I love diving into video games and devouring the best of fiction. When I’m not buried in my studies, you’ll find me working on graphic design and video editing projects, constantly honing my skills through freelancing gigs. Right now, my final-year project is making FIDIC Contracts more user-friendly and automated. I’m all about blending my tech skills with creativity, making my mark both in and out of the classroom.


M.Abdul Rehman

As a Senior Computer Science student, I have honed my skills in content writing, graphic design, video editing, and web development. During my free time, I find solace in the realm of gaming and immerse myself in the vibrant world of anime.


M.Ashbil Shahid

Seasoned Senior Computer Scientist and avid
AI enthusiast committed to pioneering innovation
in-game development. Specializing in AI integration,
project management, and captivating storytelling.
I allocate my time to the meticulous pursuits of
writing, game design and development, and
intellectual enrichment through literature and
anime consumption. Passionate about pushing
boundaries in game development and novel writing.